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1.Rigid Frame Construction


Finishing After Vibratory Stress Relief Treatment


A large-scale CNC gantry milling machine is used to process 80mm-thick high-quality Q235 steel, which can be processed and formed at one time.Improve the machining accuracy of frame components and the strength of the frame after welding. This is beneficial to improve the service life of the frame and the overall processing accuracy of the bending machine.


Vibratory Stress Relief Treatment


Eliminate the residual stress generated during the welding and forming process of the frame, improve the rigidity and stability of the frame, and extend the service life of the frame. Ensure the stability of the machine in a long-term high-load state.


The Back Gauge System


The self-developed back gauge system of the bending machine has a number of industry innovative technology patents, which can greatly improve processing efficiency.With high-end servo motors, our bending machine can achieve high-speed and stable performance.


CNC crowning system


Simplify whole bending process.It adopts a wedge combination structure and a clear scale, controlled by a servo motor, and automatically adjust the deflection compensation value according to parameters such as pressure, material length and thickness.

2.CNC Controller – CYBELEC Cybtouch VT 19


High-end Multifunctional Press Brake Controler


Elegant and concise, powerful man-machine interface. Users only need to touch the screen with their fingers to take advantage of the powerful functions of the CNC system: product import, editing, and visual simulation of bending products. All operations can be presented in 2D on the 19' large screen.

3.Hybrid Servo System


GHBM latest hydraulic servo hybrid drive system, has the characteristics of energy saving, consumption reduction, high efficiency and low heat. Compared with the traditional system, lower noise. The fuel tank capacity is reduced by 70%. The machine performance improvement reduces the working cycle by 30%, the positioning accuracy is up to 5μm, and the integrated pressure filter ensures high stability and service life.

4.Core components from core components


Bosch Rexroth Electromagnetic Valve From Germany


Adopt a complete set of Bosch Rexroth solenoid valves and sealing accessories imported from Germany. Ensure the stability of the equipment under long-term high-load working conditions.


OPKIN grating ruler from Turkey


It can perform real-time and rapid detection of the coordinates of the slider, with high speed and high accuracy as well as ensure the processing accuracy of the workpiece.


HIWIN Ball Screw & Linear Guide From TAIWAN,CHINA


High rigidity, large load capacity, high positioning accuracy (nano-level positioning accuracy). The parts wear less and the accuracy can be maintained for a long time.


VOITH Oil Pump From Germany


This motor can reduce power consumption and enable the equipment to obtain high stability.

In the case of no leakage in the external oil circuit, stop the pump and maintain the pressure for 5 minutes, and the rated pressure will not drop by more than 5 MPA.


KACON Foot Switch From Korea


The pedals are resistant to high temperature, impact and abrasion. The cable connecting the foot switch is water-proof, oil-proof and shock-proof, which is safe and reliable.


Servo motor


Fast response, fast speed and stable running. Faster and more accurate!

5.Typical Processing Sample


6.Technical Parameter

Max. Working Pressure

2000 KN

Max. Bending Length

4200 mm

CNC Axes


Motor Power   3.9×2KW

Ram Stroke  200 mm

Ram Approach Speed

200 mm/s

Ram Working Speed

10-14 mm/s

Ram Return Speed

200 mm/s

X-Axis Max. Speed

350 mm/s

X-Axis Repositioning Accuracy

≤0.05 mm

X-Axis Range

600 mm

R-Axis Max. Speed

150 mm/s

R-Axis Repositioning Accuracy

≤0.05 mm

R-Axis Range

150 mm/s

Length   4800 mm

Depth    2000 mm

Height    2900 mm

Weight   12500 Kg

Throat Depth

400 mm

Opening Height

460 mm

Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity

33×2 L

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